Alliance FORESTAR 343 Flotation tire represents the most sophisticated design for application in forestry machines such as harvesters and forwarders. This tire is characterized by wide and robust lugs with low angles providing excellent grip on wide range of forestry terrains in addition to the known bogie truck standard design defined by leading track producers. Some of its features are strong steel breakers, basic nylon tire structure, special durable tread compound, high under tread gauge and thick sidewalls.

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Available Sizes:


Size: 710/45-26.5
Ply Rating: 20 Ply
Type:  TL
RIM: 24.00DC
O.D. (in):  52.8
S.W. (in):  28
Rolling Circumference (in): 158.1
Loaded Static Radius (in): 24.4
Recommended Load (lbs): 17,270
Inflation Pressure (psi):  73
Speed (mph): 6
Weight (lbs):  453

Size: 750/55-26.5
Ply Rating: 26
Type:  TL
RIM: 24.00DC
O.D. (in):  58.5
S.W. (in):  29.5
Rolling Circumference (in): 175.7
Loaded Static Radius (in): 27.2
Recommended Load (lbs): 27.750
Inflation Pressure (psi):  94
Speed (mph):  6
Weight (lbs):  626