is proud to offer our customers the American Logger LS1/LS2 agricuture tire.  This tire features advanced rubber compounds that provide maximum rsistance to cuts, chips, and object puntures.  It has deep self-cleaning lugs to direct snags away from the tire and it is built with four steel belts for extra tire portection as well as a rim guard for extra bead protection. For pricing and availability, please call (207) 370-8473.  

Questions? Call 1-207-370-8473 or click the button below.

Available Sizes: 

  • 23.1-26 (LS2)
  • 28L26 (LS2)
  • 24.5-32 (LS2)
  • 30.5L32 (LS2)
  • 18.4-34 (LS2)
  • 18.4-26 (LS1)