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TR 678

TR 678 has been specially designed for forestry applications. Its robust lug design provides excellent traction and self-cleaning. The strong casing structure stands for high load capacity whereas its steel belts protect the tire from punctures and damages. TR 678 features a cut-resistant tread compound providing excellent cut-and-chip resistance even on difficult terrains under extreme conditions. For pricing and availability, please call (207) 370-8473.  

Available Sizes: 

  • 600/65-34
  • 700/55-34



FORESTECH is a BKT bias steel-belted tire, suitable for forestry applications with forwarders. It provides excellent traction even in heavy-duty service. The strong bead and shoulder area ensure high puncture resistance as well as a longer tire life-cycle. As a result, you can deal with the most difficult operating conditions in a forest without concern.

Available Sizes: 

  • 600/55-26.5
  • 710/45-26.5
  • 750/55-26.5



F 240

F 240 is a forestry tire designed for logging applications. Its tread pattern provides excellent traction, self-cleaning properties in addition to good steering. The superior tread compound ensures extraordinary cut-and-wear resistance resulting in a longer service life. F 240 shows a large contact area for better stability.

Available Sizes: 

  • 18-15.5
  • 400-15.5


FS 216

FS 216 has a robust log design with optimum angle and wider width to enhance traction performance for loggers and skidders. It provides excellent cut and chip resistance under the most critical operating conditions and ensures maximum protection against possible damages at any time.

Available Sizes: 

  • 18.4-26
  • 23.1-26
  • 28L-26
  • 18.4-30
  • 24.5-32
  • 30.5L-32
  • DH 35.5L-32
  • 18.4-34


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