is pround to offer our customers a variety of Nokian Agriculture Tires.  Please scroll through our page to view the tires currently available.

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Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI

The first winter tyre for tractors, Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI, gives you all the grip you can get. Featuring all new rubber compound, tread pattern and contact profile, it’s designed for single purpose: to give you all the grip, control and efficiency you need for demanding winter contracting.

Nokian CT

High loads and versatile working environments in construction transporting require special properties from a tyre. Nokian CT is a unique solution to heavy earthmoving trailers. Its strength and stability are on class of its own either at challenging conditions on site or on road.

Nokian Country King

The large contact area and low rolling resistance enables Nokian Country King to move lightly and economically on fields and roads alike. This modern radial tyre is the best choice for contracting and farming-related transportation involving more driving on the road than on the field.

Nokian ELS Radial

Nokian ELS Radial offers good grip and better mobility on soft surfaces than its competitors. If the intended use is more on the field than on the road, this round-shouldered radial flotation tyre is your best choice.

Nokian TRI 2

More operating hours, reliable grip all year round, driving comfort and high load-bearing capacity at demanding contracting sites around the world. The block-patterned Nokian TRI 2 performs its varied contracting tasks in agriculture, industry, road and environmental maintenance with a reliable, gentle touch.

Nokian Forest Rider (tractor-based machines)

With its radial structure and optimised bar angle, Nokian Forest Rider has excellent traction and grip properties. This makes it an excellent choice for massive tractors and forestry machines used for harvesting energy wood and constructing and maintaining forest roads. Sturdy and stable Nokian Forest Rider also works well on heavy tractors used on contracting sites.

Nokian TRI 2 Steel

Nokian TRI 2 Steel offers you high load carrying capacity and superb grip. Its sturdy structure gives you long, efficient service life.

Nokian TR Multiplus

Nokian TR Multiplus is a strong radial tyre for field, earthmoving and light forestry work. Good grip and cleaning properties on all surfaces.

Nokian TRI 2 Extreme Steel

Nokian TRI 2 Extreme Steel features tread rubber compound designed for extreme conditions that require constant use of chains. It also features steel belts give good puncture resistance to tread area.

Nokian TR Forest

Nokian TR Forest is a special tyre for versatile forestry use on agricultural tractors. It is reliable to use thanks to the tread rubber compound designed particularly for forestry use.

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