Welcome to the skidder tire support center. The goal is to advance skidder tires through creating a forum to share ideas and to create communication and resources to make a connection between the skidder manufacture and tire manufacture. Skidder owners want a connection to manufacturers to share what is and is not working in the field. No one knows better than you. What better resource could manufacturers have than a forum with their customers?

Questions? Call 1-207-370-8473 or click the button below.

So, please share what innovations you have for skidder tires, what problems you want solved or what is important to you about skidder tires. Comments can range from new dimensions, capabilities, environmental impact, safety, or technologies that you would like to see. You can also make requests for skidder tires, but be sure to include your phone number for questions, size, quantity, and desired manufacturer.

Our recent conversations with manufactures indicate that they don’t expect supplies for replacements to change with demand from manufactures. We are currently a free information service with about 40 requests per week from around the world for skidder tires. We are working on a new tool for buyers and sellers of skidder tires to help locate tires around the world more efficiently. We appreciate your support and positive suggestions to make this the best skidder site on the planet.