Forestry Tires

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When you want quality tough tires that can handle rugged terrain. Choose Advance Forestry Tires with latest in design and development to give you one the toughest tires on the market at a low price. Durability, Check, Long Lasting, Check. When keeping logs moving is important, choose Advance Forestry Tires. The best value in Forestry Tires. Call Today

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Advance Forestry Tires

Specifications Sizes and Specs

SizePlyTube TypeMax Load @ 5 mph
16.9-3010 PlyTT7,952 LBS 36 PSI
18.4-2610 PlyTT7,952 LBS 31 PSI
18.4-3010 PlyTT8,400 LBS 31 PSI
18.4-3412 PlyTT10,010 LBS 36 PSI
23.1-2616 PlyTT13,734 LBS 41 PSI
28L2620 PlyTT16,051 LBS 41 PSI
24.5-3220 PlyTT16,975 LBS 41 PSI
30.5-3220 PlyTT19,908 LBS41 PSI